About Us

Our facility located in Clearwater, Florida is recognized as the world’s leader in the practice and development of the Thermal Cycling Process.  This advancement of the standard cryogenic process proved more consistent, more reliable and more effective on a wider variety of parts than the ‘Deep Cryogenic Process’.

We discovered a number of years ago that the inconsistencies in the cryogenic process were as a result of its consistency. That is the same rates of decent, the same degrees of soak were all used for a wide, and in some cases dramatically different type of materials, with an as diverse range of application and performance specifications.

Each family of materials has a specific series of temperatures ranges that cause the greatest amount of restructuring at the molecular and atomic level. When materials are put through these temperature swings (Thermal Cycling) stresses are induced or reduced, tensile and yield increase, natural frequencies can be changed and surface bonding is increased. In developing the Thermal Cycling process it was determined that by soaking a part in the standard deep cryogenic process in effect you were simply making a frozen part colder, at some level during the temperature decent to soak all restructuring activity ceased.

“Thermal Technology Services” has discovered the ranges for materials that continually causes the structural activity to be at its maximum movement, until the entire component has the benefits of the process. This is obvious and can be demonstrated by a simple comparison of subjecting the same type parts to both processes and creating a test to determine the most effective process. Please review our site to see the results of our Thermal Cycling process on various types of components.