Add Length to Your Club

frank masyada golf shot

Our patented technology works on your existing golf clubs – drivers, woods and irons.


When someone claims they can make your clubs hit the ball 10 percent further and significantly straighter, you don’t pay much attention. But when that same person has hundreds of testimonials, including pro golfers, you have to listen. Frank Masyada owns Thermal Technology Services in Largo, a company that uses a patented, award-winning thermal molecular process to enhance metals. He treats tools for such companies as Reynolds Aluminum, GE, Pratt and Whitney, DuPont, and the U.S. Mint, to name a few. Research has proven that metals treated to the deep cryogenics Masyada developed record increased efficiency and wear resistance. Back in 1982, Frank Masyada, known as “Mr. Freeze” for his process, which molecularly alters metals by subjecting them to extreme cold (less than -300 degrees), was treating the brakes for the Porsche and BMW racing teams, not to mention crank shafts, surgical instruments, drill bits, computer mother boards, fishing hooks and metal optics used in missile guidance systems. When he moved to Florida, he realized there weren’t as many tools to treat, “but lots of golf clubs”. Does it work? Masyada doesn’t even try to sell you. He mentions he rented time on Iron Byron, the same golf equipment testing machine used by the USGA and all mayor manufacturers, and using identical clubs, the treated ones averaged 17-20 yards farther on drivers and 10 percent straighter on off-centered hits. It works on all metals and yes, it conforms to all current USGA rules of golf.


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