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Road Milling Equipment

Milling cutters  used for road surface  preparation see the most severe conditions of any tool in any application. The barrels that support these tools and that the tool  are mounted to require a long changeover time. Usually there are from 170 to 200 cutters on one barrel,  in many cases all cutters may have to […]

Rotors corrosion

Corrosion Resistance

On certain materials the TTS process optimizes the grain structure to minimize or completely stop rust. The photo shows 2 brake rotors, both placed on the same vehicle at the same time. This vehicle is used in a highly abrasive atmosphere. Both rotors were removed after 60 days. One had severe penetrated corrosion the TTS rotor had […]

Skyway Bridge

Thermal Cycling Bridges

  Thermal Technology services has further developed the Thermal Cycling Technology to significantly increase the life of the nation infrastructure by significantly minimizing and in many cases stopping rust penetration into bridge tendons and structures. This modified technology of patented process has such a significant improvement to grain coherence that salt water or exposure to […]