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Add Length to Your Club

Our patented technology works on your existing golf clubs – drivers, woods and irons.   When someone claims they can make your clubs hit the ball 10 percent further and significantly straighter, you don’t pay much attention. But when that same person has hundreds of testimonials, including pro golfers, you have to listen.

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Press from Golf Digest

Sounds like it’s from a ‘sci-fi’ novel…but the pros are having it done so there must be something to it. Word has it that Aaron Baddeley had his clubs treated before the Australian open. Likewise, Stephen Allen and Robert Allenby. What is it? Thermal Cycling. The way it works is the club head is exposed […]

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Maximum Golf article on Thermal Cycled Golf Clubs

Austin Powers, your clubs are ready. Austin Powers, your clubs are ready. A company called Thermal Technology Services is touting a radical treatment for your clubs as the ticket to longer, straighter, better feeling shots. In its “Thermal Cycling” process, clubs are placed for several hours in a chamber filled with liquid nitrogen at nearly […]

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How Aaron Baddeley won …

“With their graphite-shafted, jumbo-sized metal drivers, 80-degree wedges and their swing gurus at their elbows, you might have thought that there was nothing more modern-day golfers could do to gain an advantage over a golf course. By – Trevor Grant, Sydney Herald Sun _____________________________________________________________________