Digger Tooth

Frank Masyada Ripper Tooth

These are after moving 45000 tons of reclaimed asphalt. If your in the trade you know that reclaimed asphalt is more aggressive on teeth, than reclaimed concrete. Sharp teeth are no different than a sharp knife. It takes less horsepower and strain on equipment than dull teeth. It also improves the speed at which materials are moved. It cost about $560.00 for these seven  teeth new. It cost $231.00 to Thermally Cycle these teeth. They are going to or beyond the third level of life. So for 3 set of new teeth its $1680.00 for a set of Thermally cycled @ 3 times the life its $ 791.00 plus your running faster , with less wear on equipment , fuel savings, and you have saved two downtimes. Its actually pretty simple math.

Pricing above is at $1.50 per lb and is available at a minimum poundage per order.

Thanks Gary Moeggenberg
Thermal Technology Services of Michigan
Midwest Regional Manager
706 W. Pickard St.
Mt Pleasant Mi. 48858

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