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Sounds like it’s from a ‘sci-fi’ novel…but the pros are having it done so there must be something to it. Word has it that Aaron Baddeley had his clubs treated before the Australian open. Likewise, Stephen Allen and Robert Allenby. What is it? Thermal Cycling. The way it works is the club head is exposed to extreme temperatures, causing the metallurgical characteristics to change dramatically. This change reduces the loss of energy through vibration in the club head at impact…increasing both distance and accuracy. Clubs treated are said to have more solid feel…the increase in distance is about 7% a club. Many companies are using the Thermal Cycling process including, NASA, NAPA Auto, Swisher, BHP, Worthington Cylinders, US Mint, etc. A treated disposable razor lasted seven months before the plastic strip wore out. The blade was still sharp. …


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