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How Thermal Cycling improves military, law enforcement

and consumer small arms – better performance, accuracy, and reliability. As with all metals, the application of our Thermal Cycling process to firearms relieves stress, strengthens, improves performance,and extends the life of barrels, bolts, extractors, firing pins, and othercritical parts. Repeated firing creates stresses that cause a barrel to bend or warp slightly as it heats, and vibrate, which destabilizes the projectile, resulting in a “walking”, “stringing”, or “wandering” shot group. Our Thermal Cycling process relieves these stresses in barrels and parts, preventing warpage, substantially reducing vibration, and improving heat dissipation; resulting in better accuracy, more stability, more consistent performance and substantially longer life.

Better performing weaponsOur Thermal Cycling methodology is a one-time, computer-controlled tempering process involving extreme temperature cycling (from very cold to very hot-depending on the material, and the application) that is highly beneficial to the performance of metals. This exclusive tempering process causes the molecular particulate grain structure of the metal to become more refined, contiguous, and dense, resulting in a material with much enhanced strength, stability, and energy conduction, as well as wear and corrosion resistance. Thermal Cycled barrels produce less friction, accept and release heat more efficiently, and do not vibrate as much, which result in better-grouped shots, and tighter, more consistent shotgun patterns. And, the smoother, tougher surfaces are easier to clean and lubricate.
Increased Velocity Test Results.

A protocol was developed to test for any possible improvements in bullet velocity as a result of post-treatment barrel improvements. It was anticipated that reductions in friction and vibration would yield greater bullet speed, and, therefore, greater range, accuracy, and downrange effectiveness. Limited testing yielded an average increase in velocity of approximately 50 fps.

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