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TTS Australia Opening Soon

            Thermal Technology Services will be opening its new office down under in Australia. TTS Australia welcomes Jim Harrison of Cryocycle the President of its newest branch throughout the world. TTS Australia will be the headquarters of the Australasia division. This branch will be identifying new customers throughout Australasia, with […]

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Carnegie Mellon University is testing Thermal Cycled components.

Thermal Technology Services has been working with an airline (one we cannot name at this time) to test Thermal cycled components for the aerospace industry. At their request, Carnegie Mellon University will be assisting both parties in providing independent lab test’s. Stay tuned for more information.

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Hydro hoe cutter blade

The subject matter is replacing a stock hydro hoe cutting/wear bar on a Kumatzu . It was done on the unit owned by Kenney Trucking and Excavation at their sandpit. They in the past have utilized stock replacement bars versus aftermarket bars. The results were similar as to wear but the cost of the two varied. […]

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Thermal Cycled Porsche 911 GT3RS Brakes at Sebring

Here are pics of the 2011 Porsche GT3RS that I rode in and what the front rotors looked like.  As I mentioned, they start showing micro fractures after the first day with standard stuff.  They actually have to toss them before they are worn out, as once a crack touches another hole OR a crack […]

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Bringing the future to your fingertips

Masyada has treated part of the string section of the Montreal Symphony. Read the full article here.

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Hearing is believing

Message from Earl Bucko, ”After having reeds processed my first time. I performed a close study on the play ability & the reed life of the harmonica, I was amazed. The harmonica not only sounded better, the reed tuning lasted twice as long as any non-treated reed plate set. My company, Pearl Custom Harmonicas, manufactures […]

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Beyond the norm

This is one of 120 McKay shovelheads that we processed here in Mt Pleasant. The farmer that brought this to me brought it along with 3200lbs of 5″ laser point ripper teeth. This particular shovelhead typically last approx. 500 -600 acres uncycled or off the shelf. In this case it was run on a unit […]

New BusRide maintenance article on Thermal Balance Brakes

Thermal Balance Brakes was a feature company in the July 2011 edition of BusRide Maintenance Magazine.  BUSRide Maintenance connects with the BUSRide readers who want to know how their peers diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Focused exclusively on the best vehicle maintenance processes and management practices, we invite all qualified and experienced maintenance […]

Thermal Cycling & Harmonic Footprints

Thermal Technologies Video Tutorial on Thermal cycling and Harmonic Footprints.

Thermal TechnologyServices

This is a Thermal Technology Services video and update of the thermal cycling process and where the business is headed in the near future. By Frank Masyada and Andrew Castanheiro