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Harmonic Footprints

Thermal Technology Services has many patents and is forever advancing them and creating new patents through the testing and processing of its current technologies. [vsw id=”zf9Zp1jD23M” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Michigan Transit Update

This video is an update in 2009 for the transit industry world wide. This is narrated by Bob Foy, head of the Mass Transit Authority. [vsw id=”oD5kuxWTc1s” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

frank masyada paper cutting knives

Thermal Cycled Cutting Tools

Thermal Technology Services has been testing with several companies in the packaging and paper industries. Thermal cycling has shown an increase in life for cutters, knives, and slitters at Valpak Clearwater Fl., LithoGraphics Kingston JA, and By Litho Toronto CA.

frank masyada mower blades

Thermal Cycled Tools

Thermal Cycling tools can provide longer lasting, stronger, and less corrosive tools. With an increase of 10% tinsile strength, Thermal Cycled tools show a life increase of 3 times. This is a cost effective maintenance savings for golf courses, landscapers, tree trimmers, loggers, and parks and recreations.

frank masyada magna bumper

TTS Canada working with Magna

Thermal Technology Services Canada is working with Magna to provide better performing parts, saving them money and down time. Magna is a world leader in the manufacturing of automotive components.

frank masyada magnesium diboride

Magnesium Boride gets even stronger

Magnesium Boride will become the super conductive wire of choice in the future. Thermal Cycled Magnesium boride has shown an increase in strength of 20% +.

frank masyada circuit board

HP Test Thermal Cycled Circuit Boards

Thermal Technology Services works with Hewlett Packard to test the effects of Thermal Cycling on circuit boards. Circuit boards showed an 11%  efficiency approval says HP.

frank masyada hard drives

Thermal Cycling saves hard drives

Thermal Cycling effects large computer server hard drives says Tony Hines of MRID Solutions. Tony explains that the hard drives run cooler, Longer and quieter. Thermal Cycling also aids in keeping the disc from warping due to the component becoming more heat resistant.

frank masyada blue collar tractor

Furrow Plows get increased life

Thermal Technology Services Michigan is showing companies the advantages of Thermal Cycling. Farmers in Michigan are seeing huge savings in plow components do to thermal cycling. Farmers are treating furrow plows and getting 3 times life increase without adding carbide to the component. One farmer spends $32,000.00 each year on replacing these components and has […]

frank masyada aerospace

TTSA Seeking FAA Approval

Thermal Technology Services Aerospace is seeking FAA approval with partners in the aerospace industry. TTSA will be working with these partners to produce innovative technology using our patented thermal cycling process.