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Law Enforcement Saving Lives And Money

FACT “Our Thermal Cycling process increases the brake life expectancy 2 to 4 times and reduces swerving, skidding and fading, all of which can save the vehicle and officer from a roll or crash.”   Thermal Cycled brakes for Law Enforcement are essential, not only as a cost savings measure but more importantly to save […]

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Safe Rides for School Districts

FACT “Thermal Processed drums will last up to three years on these same buses with the “normal” 8 to 13 month rotation!”   Normally a school bus brake is changed anywhere from 8 months to 13 months, the variability coming, not from the miles driven, but the number of stops on the route. Thermal Processed […]

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Garbage Trucks No Longer Throwing Money Away

FACT “Thermal Cycled brakes wearing 5 times longer than competitors brakes. Instead of 2 months, last for 10 months!” Reducing maintenance cost significantly. Waste disposal trucks are a great “proving ground” for the patented Thermal Cycled brakes as they are notorious for going through brakes quickly. Look at the weight carried and the number of […]

Reducing Fleet Maintenance Costs And Green Effects

FACT! “Thermal Cycling could have a VERY positive green effect by significantly reducing fleet maintenance costs on over 400,000 school buses and an additional 400,000 city buses in the US!”   Thermal Technology Services Inc. delivers on the promise of significantly reducing fleet maintenance costs by extending brake life and increasing vehicle safety. Another savings […]

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Add Length to Your Club

Our patented technology works on your existing golf clubs – drivers, woods and irons.   When someone claims they can make your clubs hit the ball 10 percent further and significantly straighter, you don’t pay much attention. But when that same person has hundreds of testimonials, including pro golfers, you have to listen.

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Press from Golf Digest

Sounds like it’s from a ‘sci-fi’ novel…but the pros are having it done so there must be something to it. Word has it that Aaron Baddeley had his clubs treated before the Australian open. Likewise, Stephen Allen and Robert Allenby. What is it? Thermal Cycling. The way it works is the club head is exposed […]

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Maximum Golf article on Thermal Cycled Golf Clubs

Austin Powers, your clubs are ready. Austin Powers, your clubs are ready. A company called Thermal Technology Services is touting a radical treatment for your clubs as the ticket to longer, straighter, better feeling shots. In its “Thermal Cycling” process, clubs are placed for several hours in a chamber filled with liquid nitrogen at nearly […]

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How Aaron Baddeley won …

“With their graphite-shafted, jumbo-sized metal drivers, 80-degree wedges and their swing gurus at their elbows, you might have thought that there was nothing more modern-day golfers could do to gain an advantage over a golf course. By – Trevor Grant, Sydney Herald Sun _____________________________________________________________________

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Harmonic footprinting

Thermal cycling process strengthens metals, reduces stress fatigue By taking a different approach to modern heat treating and cryogenic metallurgical process, Harmonic Footprinting, LLC (Largo, Florida) as developed a proprietary materials treatment that further improves metals’ tensile strength, yield strength, and corrosion resistance. Called “thermal cycling,” the process alternately cools and heats metals in cycles […]

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Thermal Cycled engine sets new world record

New Release- Thermal Cycled Engine Sets World Record Bonneville Salt Flats, October 18 2002 Richard Nalin broke the world’s motorcycle speed record driving a 1650 ccmps Harley Engine to a record speed of 202.989 mph, and earlier achieved a trial of 208 mph.